Open for Business

I hope everyone is well who still has this blog listed on their RSS reader of choice or have managed to stumble across it while surfing the internet!

I have opened the WordPress install again just to make it look like there is a little more activity here than there was before, however first impressions do deceive!

Unfortunately I’m not really interesting enough to maintain a blog with regular content and the things that I could write about are unfortunately too sensitive to broadcast to the general public across the internet.

Still, I hope you are well and have a very happy 2015!

Checking In

Yes, I am still alive and well.

I realised the other day that it is 13 months since I last posted anything on here. Frankly I have no idea where the time goes but it does. I also don’t seem interesting enough to be able to find things to write about and don’t have the time, energy or motivation to do so. However, most of my inane thoughts appear on Twitter so that’s the place to catch me.

Until next year!

Motorcycle Luggage Sale

Having a clear out at the moment and found some motorcycle luggage sets that I no longer use. Both were purchased for my old Honda VT125C bike, but since I moved to the Honda NT650 Deauville over 12 months ago they haven’t been used due to the built in luggage that the Deauville has. Both items are basically new, only used once or twice for trips between Worcester and home.

Oxford First Time Touring Motorcycle Soft Panniers/Saddle Bags

Oxford First Time Touring Motorcycle Luggage Tailpack

Tell your friends, both sets together retail for £100+ so someone has an opportunity to pick up a bargain.

Bring Back TweetDeck

If you use Twitter a lot you’ll probably already have heard of TweetDeck, a great little application that sits on your desktop and allows you to organise your tweets into columns, sort them and much more.

TweetDeck originally started out as an independent company, but as is the way with the world Twitter noticed how popular they were and bought them out. I didn’t think anything of this and continued using my installed version, 0.38.2. Therefore I was pretty surprised to find a completely new application when I redownloaded it a few days ago after reinstalling Windows, and as usual when small companies like TweetDeck get bought out the software hasn’t changed for the better.

I couldn’t even log in to the new TweetDeck, apparently my network connection is at fault. Seems to be working perfectly well to write this blog post, but TweetDeck doesn’t like it so it won’t play ball. Rather than move to a different application I had a hunt around and found other people who didn’t like the change either, and have found a download for the last TweetDeck that ran under Adobe AIR, 0.38.2. Thanks to a copy of this is available for download, so it is possible to switch back. I realise I’m a bit late to the party with this but you don’t tend to notice these things until you have to install them again, which is exactly how it should be.

Newer isn’t always better, Twitter should have a serious think about that before chucking out half baked products again.

Welcome Back

Hello one and all, welcome back to the blog!

If there is anyone out there who still has this feed listed in their RSS aggregator then it’s good to be back, and to any new visitors a very large welcome is extended. It’s been a very long time since there was anything of note here, and I thought it was about time the place got sorted out and was kept a little bit more up to date than it has been.

Unfortunately I have no idea where the previous database backup of the blog is so this is a completely clean slate. I may invest some time in copying across some of the best posts that I can find courtesy of the Internet Wayback Machine but that depends on time and inclination more than anything. All of this means that if you suddenly start seeing posts from 2008/9/10/11 from me don’t panic, I haven’t gone back in time, I’m just restoring some of the lost archive and will try to do better with the backups this time around.

As has always been with this blog, I start out with the best intentions to keep the readers updated with content but it very rarely happens. Bear with me, the leopard might change his spots this time around. It’s probably a safe bet that I’m more active on Twitter so come and follow @MarkTheDaemon on there if you want more immediate updates.

That’s about it for this first update. More to come soon hopefully!

NB: If I could be so bold as to ask those of you who are reading with RSS aggregators to check that you have the correct URL as I’ve moved domains. It is . The old URL will continue to work for the considerable future but it’s worth updating just in case it does fall off the internet at some point. Cheers!


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